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Why should my business invest in Video Lottery Terminals?

Casinos and land-based betting shops are closing their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic. Should your business still invest in gambling machines? We are certain that the answer is yes. Here are the reasons.

Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, United Kingdom and Italy are some of the countries who are facing a lockdown imposed by their governments as part of their Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions. With casinos, land-based betting shops and gaming halls closed, the main focus nowadays is on online casinos and betting sites, where players can access numerous casino games from anywhere.

So how can land-based gambling compete with the online option and be a great investment?

Innovation and adaptation. The industry chooses to innovate and adapt, instead of fade away like other industries affected by the technological advancements brought by the internet. The growth of land-based gaming is also due to technology. Retail is still the number one source of revenue in the industry, and it will keep being like this for a long time. Land-based betting (even in times of pandemic) represents over 80% of the business and when the countries started to open, people still went back to casinos and sports betting shops.

Betting terminals are one of the directions that operators, like you, can explore in order to develop your betting business. By installing high-tech gambling cabinets, you can reduce the expenses with staff and office area. With a fully automated system, the number of employees and also the costs that an office entails can be significantly lower, since cabinets for betting business don’t require a lot of space. On other hand, video lottery terminals (VLTs) can be installed, not only in casinos or betting shops, but also in active and bustling areas.

Terminals also reduce the risk of human contact among players. Each one of them can focus their gaming activity in their own terminal, separated by panels, and they can be easily and quickly cleaned up after each player finishes. Players who love to bet on retail know this, and they will choose the safest option if you provide it to them.

At Virtual Reality Technology we offer cutting-edge technology for your land-based operations, with special focus on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs). Equipped with the highest security standards, our VLTs are made in Austria, in compliance with the proper regulations to serve international markets.

Discover our gaming cabinets here and give your customers the best gaming experience!

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