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SSBTs: The best cross-selling tool

From weekend bingo to weekly lottery tickets, or daily slots to an annual punt on the horses and everything in between, gamblers come in all shapes and sizes. This variety is a reminder of the extensive nature of the gambling industry, and highlights the scope of opportunities that lie within it for cross-selling.

Pathway to people

However people play, once operators have customers with an interest in gambling of any sort, they also have the opportunity to cross-sell other services and offers. For instance, customers into sports betting solutions may also fancy dabbling in some casino games, or poker players might like to try their luck on a football match from time to time.

As well as operators, this benefits the customers themselves, as it saves them time and hassle looking for such extra services and setting up new accounts elsewhere. Undoubtedly, it is beneficial for all involved to take advantage of Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs) solutions that offer multiple gambling options.

Taking on this cross-selling strategy is a straightforward extension to your business, increasing growth by expanding gambling opportunities for existing customers as well as attracting new ones who seek this convenient and varied form of entertainment. By offering it all, the competition cannot compete!

A safe and complete offer

With VRTech’s Self-Service Betting Terminals, customers can choose and change between sportsbooks, virtual sports, slots and live games at their leisure, enjoying an independent style of play whilst also making the most of the buzzing atmosphere as retail’s recovery continues.

Of course, SSBTs also provide a safe space, with each customer having a private area but still being able to interact safely with those around them. What’s more, Self-Service Betting Terminals allow cashless payment - a must in modern times, for both safety and convenience.

Start cross-selling today and offer your customers comfort, independence and safe social interaction while they enjoy a complete betting experience in just one terminal.

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