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The betting industry post COVID-19: a new world for retail

It has been a whole year since the COVID-19 pandemic appeared and, even if it’s not over yet, the world is preparing to go back to normal - or a “new normal.”

The gambling industry is no stranger to the problems this pandemic has brought. The online gambling industry has continued operating and even grew, but the retail sector has suffered economic losses due to the impact of lockdown and capacity restrictions.

A huge number of players prefer to play in brick-and-mortar casinos and betting shops. After all, more than 80% of the global gaming gross still comes from retail. There, they can share the experience with other players and be immersed in an exciting environment, something that mobile devices and personal computers just cannot provide.

So, what comes now that betting shops and casinos are allowed to open again? How are they preparing to ensure security while attracting and engaging players? And how can land-based operators attract players and keep them happy without taking any risks?

If you have a land-based casino or a betting shop, you need to adapt to the new reality and standards. Here is a list of the industry best practices to maintain a safe and prosperous business:

  • Transform payment methods to reduce contact with personnel. It is better if clients pay directly on machines instead of cash, avoiding any form that requires people to get closer.
  • Guarantee the proper social distance among players.
  • Encourage players to spend more time in one sector, by offering them games that do not require them to move much within the building.
  • Keep the space constantly decontaminated. Make sure that your employees have a simple way of applying the cleaning protocols.
  • Place safety barriers between machines. Many vendors offer them at a convenient cost nowadays, you can find them in different forms, materials and sizes or customise them according to your needs.

In this sense, gaming machines are more effective than ever to make sure that your business will succeed.

VRTech terminals allow players to enjoy sportsbooks, virtual sports, and slots in the same machine, creating a complete digital betting experience in place.

By being able to bet on every vertical at the same device, players are more comfortable and feel more secure. At the same time, you reduce an eventual contamination of the rest of the area, because just one machine will need to be decontaminated between players.

It also maintains social distance between players, who crowded in front of a TV watching their bets results anymore.

If you want to prepare your retail business for the 'new reality,' you can contact us about our terminals portfolio, and we will be happy to help you.

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