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Online vs Retail: The new betting landscape for customers

Virtual activity rocketed during the worldwide pandemic, and the online gambling industry was no different. With it came a new landscape, displaying some clear advantages for customers. Although forced to stay at home, they could still maintain their betting habits however and whenever they wanted. The multitude of options now available at the click of a button is of course here to stay. But where does that leave the pre-pandemic setup?

Nothing quite like brick-and-mortar betting

Despite this massive online proliferation, there’s no doubt that nothing can substitute tradition. As the world finally turns a corner with Covid-19 easing and safety measures constantly improving, it’s time to entice customers back to what they most enjoy: the irreplaceable social aspects of retail betting. Being surrounded by others and soaking up the buzz of the betting shop atmosphere is priceless for many.

Online vs Retail: The new betting landscape for customers

Comfort, convenience and safety

With VRTech’s betting terminals, it’s not only easy to maintain a safe distance, but it’s also highly convenient due to the ability to do everything on just one device.

Sportsbooks, virtual sports, slots and live games can all be enjoyed on these gambling cabinets, offering a complete betting experience complemented by the long-awaited opportunity to converse and share excitement with fellow players.

Having everything on the same device ensures the winning combination of comfort and security, which is undoubtedly what companies and customers alike are seeking in the “new normal”. By creating what is essentially a private area for each customer, it offers them the best of both worlds: the desired social interaction alongside the required safety standards.

Allow your players to celebrate their wins on our highest-quality lottery terminals, envelope them in an extensive selection of sports and slots, and let our live games breathe life back into your retail business.

Bring your customers back together via VRTech, the B2B gaming company for your business.

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